UPDATES Sep 13. 2022

Patch Notes: September 13th, 2022

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Character Boost System

  • Character Boost will be available for a newly created character. (1 per account)

Boost Character Creation Period

  • After the BOOK 6.0 update and maintenance on September 13, 2022 ~ Until further notice

ⓘ Boost Quest Event can be reopened at a later date.

ⓘ Boost Character Event can end early depending on the situation.

ⓘ You need 1 empty slot to create a Boost character.

ⓘ Please note that it takes 7 days to delete an existing character to free up the character's slot.


Boost Character Details

  1. While creating a new character, you will be given a prompt to create a Boost character. (Once per account)

  2. The created Boost character will be able to grow quickly up to level 280.

  3. The Boost character will begin at the Sealed Fort Odane as a new recruit.

  4. Patroller Chabin will guide you through the Boost quests, which will take a certain amount of time to complete, depending on your playstyle.

ⓘ Completing the Boost quest will result in your character obtaining all combat and continuous skills at Quality level 1.

ⓘ Completing the Boost quest will automatically give equipment crafting, raid, and other content related quests, which will give you various rewards.


Boost Character Main Quest Rewards

  • Boost characters will be given exclusive Boost Adventurer Gloves, Boost Adventurer Outfit, and Boost Adventurer Hat.

  • Enchanted Weapon / Armor / Accessory / Buddy will be distributed for smooth gameplay.

Weapon: +20 Improved Typhon Weapon

Armor: +20 Alesha Armor (Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Cloak)

Accessory: +5 Typhon Accessory (Earrings/Ring x2/Necklace)

Buddy: Tarae Buddy Egg (Heroic Buddy)


Boost Character Creation Notes

  • You can create a regular character by pressing cancel on the Boost prompt during character creation.

  • You will be unable to create another Boost character during the same event duration if you delete a Boost character.

  • Boost is only applied when the Boost character is created during the Boost Character Creation Period.

  • 1 Boost character is available for all accounts, including new and returning players.


Growth Guide: Boost Adventurer Plan and Pioneer Special Support added.

  • Boost Adventurer Plan (a growth plan for Boost characters) and Pioneer Special Support (for pioneer adventurers who paved the path) were added to the Events tab.


[Boost Adventurer Plan]

  • Events ▶ Growth Guide ▶ Boost Adventurer Plan

  • You can receive mission rewards in order by completing the missions.

  • Additional Rewards: Purchase the Additional Reward Ticket to receive more rewards for each mission step.

ⓘ Boost Adventurer Plan is exclusive for Boost characters. Remaining rewards will be unavailable if you delete the Boost character before completion.


[Pioneer Special Support]

  • Events ▶ Growth Guide ▶ Pioneer Special Support

  • You can receive mission rewards in order by completing the missions.

  • Additional Rewards: Purchase the Additional Reward Ticket to receive more rewards for each mission step.

ⓘ Boost characters cannot proceed with Pioneer Special Support.

ⓘ Mission progression of Pioneer Special Support is shared with all characters of the same account.

New Decorative Clothes

  • Added new event participation Decorative Clothes.

[Decorative Clothes]

  • Arpen Empire Celebration Special Attendance Event: Shadow Spy Hood (Hat), Shadow Spy Costume (Costume), Shadow Spy Gloves (Gloves), Shadow Spy Keyboard (Cloak)


  • Arpen Empire Celebration Mission & Collecting Event: Lunatic Scientist Helmet (Hat), Lunatic Scientist Gown (Costume)


[Balance Patch]

Max Character Stat Point was applied.

Fixed Stat Points: Basic Stats + Distributed Points

Variable Stat Points: Equipment [Options, Sculptures, Orbs, Relics, etc.] + Buffs


  1. Max Stat Points for Fixed Stat is now set to 500.

  • Below are the Max Stat Points for each of the Fixed Stats.


Max Fixed Stat Limits

Max Strength: 500

Max Intelligence: 500

Max Agility: 500

Max Wisdom: 500

Max Constitution: 500

Max Charisma: 500


  1. Total Max Stats with both Fixed and Variable stats combined is 700.

  • If stat points exceed the max amount, Fixed stats take priority over Variable stats.

  • If the total stat points add up to more than 700, excessive Variable Stat Points will not have any effects.


ex) If the total stat points exceeds the max limit, even when the Fixed stat is not maxed out,


  Intelligence Fixed Stat 495 + Intelligence Variable Stat 300 =


· The above equals 795 points in Intelligence, but only 700 Intelligence (max limit) will be applied with the update.

· Since Fixed stat take priority, you can allocate 5 more points to Intelligence.

· However, this does not change the max limit, thus still applying only 700 points.

ⓘ Fixed Stat and Variable Stat Points will be differentiated in the Character Ability UI.

* Potion of Oblivion x1 will be given to all adventurers during the maintenance for you to redistribute your stat points.


MAG EVD was moved from Wisdom to Agility.

MP Regen per 5 Wisdom: 3 ▶ 4

HP/MP Regen during Combat: Every 15 sec ▶ Every 10 sec

Stats of a Merchant's Continuous skill was changed.






Promise of Abundance

- ATK by Skill Level was changed. Based on Quality 9: 10% ▶ 7%

[System Improvements]

  • Dismantling Relics (Seal/Brooch/Belt/Bracelet) will now give you material for crafting Relic Enchant Scrolls.

    • Dismantling Relics (Seal/Brooch/Belt/Bracelet) will now give you Blank Scroll Paper.

    • Use 10 Blank Scroll Paper at the Alchemy Crafting Station to craft a Relic Enchant Scroll.

  • You can now fish regional fish at the Nomad Hot Springs.

  • Added and changed monster spawn locations at Marias's Cave for more monsters to appear.

  • Great Hierarch's Earrings (Event), Enhanced Great Hierarch's Necklace (Event), Enhanced Great Hierarch's Earrings (Event) can now be dismantled.

  • UI Improvements

    • Fixed the issue where some Character Ranking Buffs were missing descriptions.

      • Added description: Even if any duration is left, the effect is canceled once the ranking is updated.

    • Enchant Failure info will not be shown anymore when Relic enchant chance is at 100%.

    • The (...) dialogue when monsters lose their target will not be displayed in chat.

    • Changed some Collection Book UX

      • Changed the sort priority of Collection Groups.

      • Icons were changed based on their collection status as below.

Collection Book Icon Update




Registration Available


Registration Available After Enchant


  • Changed the currency required for Sculpture Display Stand expansion

    • Sculpture Display Stand expansion now requires Gold.

  • Changed some rewards for Royal Pass Sculptor's Way / Sculptor's Way PLUS

    • Reward for the 5th mission of Royal Pass Sculptor's Way / Sculptor's Way PLUS was changed to Gold.

  • Purchasing a pack from the Event window now opens the purchase popup.

  • Box items can now be used even when the character is in a situation where it cannot move.

  • Buddy Eggs can now be used even when the character is in a situation where it cannot move.

  • Gold can now be used at the Sculpture Display Stand.

  • Changed the Royal Pass reward to reflect the currency change for Display Stand expansion.

  • The Sculptor's Way's 5th basic reward was changed to 500K Gold.

  • The Sculptor's Way's 5th additional reward was changed to 1M Gold.

  • The Trochet's Bravery buff is now applied to all BOOK 1~4 regions.


  • Check out all the new events prepared with the July 12th maintenance!

    • New Events

      • Click <Here> for full event details.


  • The following items have been newly added to Shop:

    • Boost Adventurer Plan PLUS

    • Pioneer Special Support PLUS

    • [Mthly] Equip. Craft Pack IV

    • [Mthly] M Eq Enchant Pack III

    • Daily Obsidian Benefit II


  • Fixed the issue where the monsters of the 5th floor of Basra Den did not count towards the hunting request.

  • Decreased the stats of Slimers of the 5th floor of Basra Den.

  • Fixed the issue where Characters sometimes lost double XP upon death.

  • Fixed the issue where auto combat stopped during field hunts.

  • Fixed the modeling of Goblin Spearman and Swordsman.

  • Fixed the issue where BOOK 4 Main Quests could be accepted twice.

  • Fixed the issue where Fame rose higher than intended.

  • Fixed the issue where the Elementalist skill Gates of Wisdom's description did not have cooldown information.

  • Fixed the issue where the character sometimes tried to move to unavailable locations of the Ominous Chapel.

  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of pets were elongated after extended gameplay duration.

  • Fixed the issue in the PC version where other shortcuts could be accessed during box opening animation.

  • Fixed the issue where you could not access the game with a maintenance complete popup when transferring to the Phoenix server.

  • Fixed the issue where the pet auto-revive function turned off when restarting the game with it turned on.

  • Fixed the issue where lag sometimes occurred when moving between Collection Book categories.

  • Fixed the issue where unsellable items were included in the sell list and caused an error message to popup if attempted to be sold in NPC stores.

    • Unsellable items will now be dimmed and be unavailable for sale.

    • Sellable items will not be affected.

  • Fixed the issue where name tags were displayed in rankings when nicknames were the same.

  • Fixed the issue where the destination priority movement during auto-combat could not be toggled off.

  • Fixed the issue where the cause of death was not displayed in the pet XP Recovery UI.

  • Auto combat freeze issue

    • Fixed the issue where the character froze during auto combat skill use and item drop in the Whirlwind Plains and Land of the Forgotten Kingdom.

    • Characters will not freeze anymore when helmets drop.

  • Fixed the issue where the Alchemist's Transfiguration skill's Stun debuff icon was displayed instead with the Burn icon.

  • Fixed the issue where the actual items and their names in the NPC shop of Morata Outskirts did not match.

  • Fixed the issue where auto revive could be checked even when you didn't have enough Subjugation Scrolls.

  • Fixed the issue where the The Hope of Ring Recovery quest could not be completed.

  • Fixed the issue where the Polar Burst debuff from Arctus was not removed when you leave the dungeon with the debuff applied.

  • Fixed the issue where the Teleportation Picture use count was doubled for the Dimensional Travel Stone quest.

  • Fixed distributed items with 4 or more options to have 1~4 options randomly applied.

  • Red Life Necklace can no longer be used in Raids and Dungeons.

  • Fixed the issue where using untradeable food ingredients caused cooking to fail even when you follow the recipe.

  • Fixed fused option stones of all grades to show their options after fusion.