UPDATES Mar 6. 2023


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☾ New updates

 1. Region: New BOOK 7 Region

- New BOOK7 regions Todum and Onyx Citadel F1~F4 were added.

- Vampire monsters with Fire and Poison elements appear in the new BOOK 7 regions.

- New powerful Field Boss and Unique Monsters added to the new BOOK 7 regions.

- Newly added Field Boss and Unique Monsters drop unique items.

- The New BOOK 7 regions feature new Main & Repeat Quests, and Achievements. 

[New Region Info]

Todum & Black Citadel F1~F4

Todum | Recommended Level: 353~363

Field Boss

- Geirskogul

Unique Item

- Gungnir

- Leap of Faith

Unique Monster

- Baka

Unique Item

- Time Mage's Hat

Black Citadel F1 | Recommended Level: 354~364

Unique Monster

- Amon

Unique Item

- Time Mage's Gloves

Black Citadel F2 | Recommended Level: 356~366

Unique Monster

- Tamuz

Unique Item

- Time Mage's Robe

Black Citadel F3 | Recommended Level: 358~368

Unique Monster

- Shamoth

Unique Item

- Moggley

Black Citadel F4 | Recommended Level: 360~370

Field Boss

- Torido

Unique Item

- Crown of the Bloody Monarch

- Cliport

Unique Monster

- Dagon

Unique Item

- Wind of Destruction

ⓘ The new BOOK 7 regions do not have fishing spots.

ⓘ Gathering is available in Todum, but not in any of the Black Citadel floors.


2. Region Scramble Changes

 - The available participation count for Scramble will be changed to 1 time.

 - Scramble duration will be reduced to 50 minutes.

 - Northern Timberlands and Tamlin will be excluded from the Region Scramble areas. Instead, it will take place in the following 3 areas: Dead Warrior's Cave, Tomb of Short Legs, and Regus Outskirts.

 - The Region Scramble Siege Rewards will be improved.

 - The Region Scramble Siege Rewards will now be available for the top 5 rankers.

 - The rewards and Siege buff will now be given 5 minutes after the Region Scramble ends.

 - The way you obtain points for Region Scramble PK's will change like the following.

- The points you take from other adventurers was decreased from being x10 to x2 of the basic points. However, the amount of points lost by the victim of the PK will maintain as x10 of the basic points.


3. Buddy: New Legendary Grade Buddy Update!


New [Legendary] Buddy Effect

Grim Reaper

Queen Naga

Buddy description

Baby Grim Reaper is training to become a full-fledged grim reaper. It continues to train hard to receive its own massive scythe, the symbol of a grim reaper.





Buddy description

This queen of the Nagas would very much like to become your friend. The combination of her elegant confidence and adorable behavior brings a smile to everyone's faces.





Buddy Effect

- XP acquired after enemy elimination +30%

- Max Weight Increase +2000

- DMG to Characters +30%

- Crit Hit RES +20%

- Crit DMG +40%

- 5% Buff upon Attack:

Piercing Power +20% (5 sec) (Cooldown: 20 sec)

Buddy Effect

- XP acquired after enemy elimination +30%

- Max Weight Increase +2000

- DMG to Characters +30%

- Pierce RES +15%

- Piercing Power RES +25%

- Fishing Casting Time Reduction -30%







ⓘ Buddy change (reroll) is available for new Mythic/Legendary Grade buddies.

ⓘ Buddy change (reroll) will change from being based on Fusion rerolls to rerolls from buddies you obtain (including ones obtained from Fusion/Buddy Eggs).

 * Examples of Buddy Eggs that can be used for Buddy change (reroll):

  - When obtaining a Heroic Buddy from a Mysterious Buddy Egg

  - When obtaining a Legendary Grade Buddy from a Legendary Buddy Egg

  - When obtaining a Heroic Grade Buddy from a Heroic Buddy Egg

   ㄴ Buddy Eggs with a Buddy already determined will be excluded from Buddy Changes (rerolls) just like the existing Tarae Buddy Eggs.


4. Sculptures: 2 New Sculptures!

- 2 new Sculptures were added.


[New Sculpture Info]

Sculpture Info

Torido Sculpture

Placement Effect [Average 0 Polish]:

HP Drain +80

ATK +245

Geirskogul Sculpture

Placement Effect [Average 0 Polish]:

DMG Dealt Against Boss Monsters +4.5%

DMG Taken From Boss Monsters -4.5%

Additional Placement Effects

[Superb 0 Polish]: Constitution +13

[Transcendent +6 Polish]: DEF +150

[Transcendent +11 Polish]: ATK +150

Additional Placement Effects

[Superb 0 Polish]: None

[Transcendent +6 Polish]: ATK +150

[Transcendent +11 Polish]: DEF +150

Material Drop Location:

Black Citadel F4, Torido

Material Drop Location:

Todum, Geirskogul

Shroud of Darkness Set Effect (Average)

Set Sculptures: Torido Sculpture / Geirskogul Sculpture / Dragon Turtle Sculpture / Lindworm Sculpture


Monster Gold Increase +3%

Monster XP Increase +3%

DMG to All Monsters +3%


- Added new set effects to existing sculptures.

Sculpture Set Info

Clouds of War Sculpture Set

Drake Sculpture

Warrior Goblin Sculpture

Satyr Sculpture

Lucky Bird Sculpture

Set Effect [Average 0 Polish]:

ATK +80

Max HP +500


5. New Decorative Clothes

- Added new purchasable and Event Decorative Clothes and Weapons.


[Decorative Clothes]

- NPC Charnay (Sell): Vest Hood


- NPC Huey (Sell): Fried Decorative Weapon Set (Bow/Dagger/Sword/Shield/Staff/Greatsword/Polearm)

 - Special Thank you Attendance Event: Space Decorative Weapon Set (Bow/Dagger/Sword/Shield/Staff/Greatsword/Polearm)

6. New Collection Book Additions

- New Collection Book contents added.


· Equipment Chapter 6: 7 new equipment added

New Collection Book Info


Collection Group

Equipment - Chapter 6

Mage of Time

(Stage 1~3)

Breeze, Wind

(Stage 1~3)

Weight of the Crown


(Stage 1~3)

Light Shield

(Stage 1~3)

Pitch Black Steel

(Stage 1~3)

Forbidden Black Magic

(Stage 1~3)

God Blessed Equipment

(Stage 1~3)



· Monster Chapter 7: 6 new Monster Card entries added

New Collection Book Info


Collection Group

Monster Chapter 7

Depraved Faith

(Stage 1~5)

Interview with the Vampire

(Stage 1~5)

Rough Green Skin

(Stage 1~5)

The Poacher is here! 1

(Stage 1~5)

The Poacher is here! 2

(Stage 1~5)

The Poacher is here! 3

(Stage 1~5)



7. Kingdom Token Shop Product Changes

- Products sold in the Kingdom Token shop were changed.

- Prices were lowered for the following items: Intermediate & Advanced Option Stone Chest / Crystal / Lesser Catalyst


[Kingdom Token Shop New Product List]

Kingdom Token Shop - New Products


Advanced Moonbow Essence

Orange Lunarium

Advanced Heroic Loot Choice Chest

Cariph's Chest

Oren's Chest

Enhanced Cariph's Chest

Enhanced Oren's Chest

Protection Cloak

Wood Giant’s Helmet

Wood Giant’s Armor

Wood Giant’s Gloves

Wood Giant’s Cloak

Roar of Wrath

Frozen Tears

Promise of Abundance

Knowledge Wings

Ancient Golden Asset


Firm Man's Title


Marauder's Bloody Hood

Fenrir's Illusion

Delicate Moonlight

Shining Wildness


Death Scythe Queen


Dawn's Call


Sturdy Rampart

Crimson Cross

Pentagonal Wooden Shield

Ayudha Katti




Flame Chaser



[Kingdom Token Shop Removed Products]

Kingdom Token Shop - Removed Products

Lesser Option Stone Chest

Accessory Enchant Scroll

Sheepskin x 5

Accessory Option Stone Chest

Ripley's Token

Ripley's Merciless Instinct

Kamosha's Tooth

Kamosha's Accessory

Shire's Curse

Shire's Empty Darkness

Anubis's Twisted Heart

Anubis's Weapon Fragment

Adisha's Blue Barbel

Adisha's Murky Orb

Drekavac's Ear

Drekavac's Leash



8. Formula: Monster Card Pack Formula Added

- 6 new Monster Card Pack formulas for Collection Book registration are now available to craft at Crafting Stations.

New Crafting Station Formulas



Major Success

Common Monster Card x10

Chapter 1 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 1 Card Pack x 5

Chapter 2 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 2 Card Pack x 5

Chapter 3 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 3 Card Pack x 5

Chapter 4 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 4 Card Pack x 5

Chapter 5 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 5 Card Pack x 5

Chapter 6 Card Pack x 3

Chapter 6 Card Pack x 5




 ☾ System Updates and Changes 

[Twitter account linking]

1. Following feature will be provided to twitter account using players

- Twitter is constantly changing their API related policies

- Now you can link your twitter account to other login methods

- If you are using twitter account, please link it to a different login method to protect your account (If the account is not linked and twitter makes a sudden change your account may be lost)

- Linking your twitter account to a different login method can only be done on AOS/IOS devices, PC version is not supported



1. Changed the monster kill quests and monster Codex count method

- Kills and Codex counts are now registered if you attack the monster once or more, regardless of contribution.

ⓘ Kills and Codex counts are not registered if you do not directly attack while your party members are attacking. 


2. Improved untradeable jewel processing

- Jewel and Pearl obtainable from Radiant Goblin's Treasure Chest (Untradeable) now have 0 weight.



 ☾ Known Issue Fixes 


1. Fixed the issue where NPC names were cut off when they're at the end of maps.

2. Fixed the issue where the boss DPS meter was not displayed after using Revive Nearby.

3. Fixed the issue where Guardian Knight's Holy Oath had the attack function.

4. Fixed the issue where Red Lunarium crafting did not count towards the Lunarium Crafting quest.

5. Fixed the issue where Legendary Grade armor was included in the Heroic Grade Armor Codex.

6. Fixed the issue where players could not proceed with the Morata Ice Wall quest.

7. Fixed the issue where using skills around water would brighten up the surroundings.

8. Fixed the issue where PK records would not be saved at [World] Marias's Labyrinth.

9. Fixed the issue where you could not craft Monster Cards through Alchemy.