A Beginner's Guide for Adventurers!

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1. Automatic Skill Settings 

There are cases where newly acquired skills are not set to automatic even when registered in a slot.

Here is how you set up your skills to be automatic.

  • Add skill to the slot.

  • Once added, press and hold the skill.

  • An "AUTO" text will appear and blink.

  • While holding down the skill, swipe upwards. Then, press the Auto button on the bottom left side of the screen to use the skill automatically during combat.

  • You can go through the steps above to turn off the automatic skill settings as well. Simply press and hold down onto an automatic skill, then slide it up.


2. Gathering Settings 

If you're having trouble gathering materials, you can try utilizing the Auto-Play feature to gather.

You can go to the Auto-Play settings and select the "Collect Materials" option to automatically collect materials when going near gatherable objects.

  • Go to Settings -> Auto-Play -> and check the checkbox for [4. Collect Materials] under the Priority section.

  • You can adjust the priority of automatically collecting materials by pressing the arrows next to the category. If you want to prioritize gathering more, try pushing the priority up higher.

3. Taming Pets

You can feed various monsters in the field to tame them. However, the Charisma and Feed required for Taming will vary depending on the monster, so please check out the below.

  • Tap the main menu icon -> Codex -> open a monster.

  • Select the region where the desired pet is located.

  • You can check out the Feed and Charisma required as you select the desired pet. There are different types of Feed such as Meat, Grass, Bugs, or Honey. Each monster has its own preference of Feed.

  • You can purchase Feed from the Pet Supply Merchant of each town.

  • Stand in front of the monster you want, register the feed in a quickslot, then tab the feed in the slot and then the chosen monster. Your Charisma level does not guarantee a 100% catch, so try again until you succeed.

  • If you are not an Archer, you will be able to learn pet taming through a quest at level 45


4. Make Use of Buddies 

Buddies aren’t just cute animals. They collect items for you and even send them home when your inventory is full. They offer a much more comfortable combat experience.

  • Go to Bag -> Consumables, select a Buddy egg, and press open.

  • Go to Bag -> Consumables, select a Premium Feed, and press to use. Your Buddy cannot pick up items or go on errands if you don’t feed them.

  • Press the Buddy icon on the left.

  • Select the activated Buddy and press summon.

  • Take them into combat with you. They will pick up items or can go on errands when the inventory is full.


5.   Changing Potions

This is for when you want to use better potions instead of the default potion.

  • Press and hold the potion icon on the bottom right.

  • Press the potion you wish to use.

  • This will change the potion registered to the slot.


6.    How to Check Quest Details 

This is for when you want to check the details of the quests you’ve received.

  • Go to Menu -> Quest.

  • Press the quest you want to check.

  • This will show the content, target NPC, location, description, and reward details of the quest.

  • Press the Shortcut button at the bottom to go to the location of the quest. 


7.   Sleep Mode

Specifically for global launch, we have prepared an offline mode called "Sleep Mode" your you can continue to grow your hero even in your sleep!

  • Go to Menu -> Sleep.

  • You can only use sleep mode in the field and if you are in a field where you cannot use sleep mode, you will see the message "Cannnot use Sleep Mode in this region."

  • For regions where you can perform Sleep Mode (for the general time of 4 hours), you will be able to see the requirements that your character must meet.

  • You need to meet the basic requirements of Level, Attack, and Defense so that your character will not be killed during Sleep Mode.

  • In Sleep Mode, you will be able to continue fighting to gain Gold and XP but please note it will be of less efficiency than playing in normal mode.

  • Your Sleep Mode will automatically end if you run out of HP Potions, Flask (for Alchemist), and Arrow (for Archer). Running out of MP Potions will affect your field efficiency.

  • You can also extend your Sleep Mode by +4 hours by purchasing the Shop item 'Premium Sleep Mode (14 Days).' 


  • Using this item will grant you a Premium Sleep Mode which will now give you looting ability. Your character will gain XP, Gold, and also loot items from defeating monsters in Premium Sleep Mode, and it will loot up to 150% of your current Weight.

  • If you were using Sleep Mode, you will only be able to go back into the game to your character who is in Sleep Mode in character selection screen (you cannot access your sub-character if you have a character in Sleep Mode).


8.   Weed's Growth Plan

Try to complete the mission from Weed’s Growth Plan! You will find yourself experiencing various content through the event and also receive rewards by completing missions.


  • Press event icon -> Growth Guide -> Weed’s Growth Plan

  • You can receive mission rewards in order by completing the missions.

  • Rewards can be claimed at the mailbox.


9.   Trochet's Blessing

Trochet's Blessing gives additional EXP buff for clearing quests and defeating monsters to help you grow stronger and faster!


How to Get Trochet's Blessing

  • Reach Lv.20! Upon reaching Lv. 20 you will have automatically completed the Sub Quest 'The Order's Cooperation' which had a requirement of defeating 10 monsters).
  • You will now find that 'Trochet's Blessing I' buff is applied automatically upon reaching Lv.20 (upon completion of the sub quest).
    • The buff applied can be found in the buff UI which appears when pressing on your level located in the top left corner of the main screen.


  • Upon reaching Lv.101, visit the Guide NPC State located near Serraborg Castle and complete the Versa's Courtesy quests. You need to complete these quests in order to enjoy the next tier of Trochet's Blessing buffs.

  • Upon completion of the quest Versa's Courtesy sub-quests, you will receive Trochet's Blessing II—Trochet's Blessing VIII which will be applied differently based on your character's level.


Trochet's Blessing Buff

Sub Quest to Complete

Quest Requirement

Buff Stage

Levels applied

Buff Given

The Order's Cooperation

Defeat 10 monsters.

Trochet's Blessing I

Lv. 20—100

XP gained from defeating enemies +300% 


 XP gained from completing quests +800%

Versa's Courtesy 1

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing II

Lv. 101—130

XP gained from defeating enemies +450% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 2

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing III

Lv. 131—160

XP gained from defeating enemies +600% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 3

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing IV

Lv. 161—180

XP gained from defeating enemies +1,000% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 4

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing V

Lv. 181—185

XP gained from defeating enemies +800% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 5

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing VI

Lv. 186—190

XP gained from defeating enemies +600% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 6

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing VII

Lv. 191—195

XP gained from defeating enemies +400% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%

Versa's Courtesy 7

[Repeat] Clear 6 Daily Tasks

Trochet's Blessing VIII

Lv. 196—200

XP gained from defeating enemies +200% 


 XP gained from completing quests +200%



  • Trochet's Blessing buff will only be applied from each level section; i.e.Trochet's Blessing I buff is given only until you reach lv.100, and you must complete the additional sub quests to get the Trochet's Blessing II buff from lv.101.

  • Please note different XP increase rates per each level section.

  • There is no level max cap for your character, but Trochet's Blessing is given only up until you reach lv. 200.