UPDATES Jul 20. 2021

Patch Notes 07/20/2021

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  • 3 new regions have been added to Varoc Mountains and 2 new regions have been added to the Britten Alliance.

  • You will want to prepare good gear to face off against the fierce monsters in the new region as you will have The Dead's Mark placed on your character which will give you various debuffs.

▼ New Region Information

Region Name

Recommended Level

Field Boss

Varoc Mountains

Varoc Ravine

Lv. 185—193


Northern Varoc Mountains

Lv. 191—200


Tomb of Short Legs

Lv. 200—209


Britten Alliance

Freya's Road

Lv. 208—217


Pilgrim's Path

Lv. 217—226


[Updated 08/02]

  • ⓘ  The Black Fragment you may obtain while fighting new monsters in these regions will be used as one of the materials to craft Legendary Tier V Alesha's equipment.

This will be added on the future update


Debuffs of 'The Dead's Mark'

- Decreases all RES of characters 

- Decreases HP, MP Drain from monsters 

- Resists HP, MP Drain against the boss monster 

- Enables mage monsters' MP Burn

  • New Quests and Achievements added!With the new regions, there will be a new addition of Main and Region quests along with new Achievements.

    • After completing the quest "Contact From a Wounded Soldier," a new quest will unfold. 

    • New Sub Quests related to the Serraborg Castle destroyed by the Undying Legion will be added and existing quests will partially be revised.

  • 12 new monster kinds that can be tamed as Pets have been added.

▼ Tamable monsters


Appears from

Monster Name

Required Charisma


Freya's Road

Kangaroo Rat


Pilgrim's Path

Kangaroo Rat



Northern Varoc Mountains



Northern Varoc Mountains

Vicious Barghest



Northern Varoc Mountains

Black Boar


Northern Varoc Mountains



Freya's Road



Pilgrim's Path




Northern Varoc Mountains

Poisonous Diadem Spider


Northern Varoc Mountains

Vicious Poisonous Diadem Spider


Tomb of Short Legs

Tomb Bat


Tomb of Short Legs

Huge Tomb Bat


Tomb of Short Legs

Vicious Tomb Bat


Tomb of Short Legs

Vicious Huge Tomb Bat



  • By defeating monsters in the new fields, you may be able to loot "Legendary Tier IV Archzan" equipment.


Where to obtain Legendary Tier IV Archzan

Varoc Mountains

Varoc Ravine

Obtain from defeating monsters 

Northern Varoc Mountains

Tomb of Short Legs

Britten Alliance

Freya's Road

Pilgrim's Path

▼  Legendary Tier IV Archzan Equipment

▼ Legendary Tier IV Archzan Equipment Equipped

  • More regions where Mineral Water can be obtained have been added as new regions have been added.

    • Regions where Mineral Water can be obtained by fishing.

      • Pilgrim's Path

    • Regions where Mineral Water can be obtained by defeating monsters in the field.

      • Varoc Ravine

      • Northern Varoc Mountains

      • Tomb of the Short Legs

      • Freya's Road

      • Pilgrim's Path


  • New Codex rewards can be obtained with the addition of new regions.

    • [Monster tab] ▶ [Varoc Mountains] Varoc Ravine

    • [Monster tab] ▶ [Varoc Mountains] Northern Varoc Mountains

    • [Monster tab] ▶ [Varoc Mountains] Tomb of the Short Legs

    • [Monster tab] ▶ [Britten Alliance] Freya's Road

    • [Monster tab] ▶ [Britten Alliance] Pilgrim's Path


  • Check out all the new events prepared with July 20th maintenance! 

    • Master Sculptor

    • Precious Sculpture Bonanza

    • Click <Here> for the event details.

  • Event Update

    • Any Green Leaf items not exchanged during the Green Day Event will be  removed with the maintenance. 


  • The following items have been newly added to Shop:

<Available after maintenance>

  • Summer Pack

  • Deluxe Summer Pack

  • Premium Summer Pack

  • Growth Package V (Permanently added 7/20)

  • Superspeed Growth Support Pack

  • Sculpture Starter Package

  • Sculpture Lv. Up Package

  • Sculpture Enchant Package

  • Special Sculpture Package

  • Precious Sculpture Pot

  • 10 Precious Sculpture Pots

  • Quality Blue Star Piece Pot

  • Sculpture Enchant Protectant

  • 10 Sculpture Ench. Protectants

<Available from August>

  • August Limited Gold Pack

  • August Option Stone Pack

  • August Limited Enchant Pack

  • August Limited Buddy Pack was newly added from August 9 08:00 UTC, 2021 until the end of August.

    • You can get Mysterious Buddy Egg, Enchant Protectant, and Orange Lunarium from the pack!

    • The item can be purchased one per account.

Please check the in-game shop for more items!


  • Fixed the issue where items could not be obtained intermittently when Premium Sleep Mode buff had ended.

  • Fixed the issue where Duel Season Tier Reward was not being given out accordingly to the local time per each serviced region.

    • Wrong date showing in the Duel Arena window will be fixed shortly.

  • Fixed the issue where preview images under 'View Costume' window were not visible for certain costume packages sold in the Shop.

  • Removed the unnecessary text in the description of Character Name Change Ticket:

    • [Before] Character name can have 2–8 letters in Korean, English, and numbers.

    • [After] Character name can have 2–8 letters in English and numbers.

  • Fixed the issue where players in NA-01 and NA-03 servers couldn’t receive guild scramble rewards.

    • Please check your guild storage for the missing rewards.

    • Additional compensation will also be sent via ingame mailbox to the affected individuals.

[Revisions to come]

  • Fix on the issue where the Sheep Guild Mark would not appear correctly.

  • Fix on lag or disconnect issue that occurs at the Northern Sewers.

  • Fix on the issue where you cannot go back to the character selection screen from Mirkhan Tower.

  • Fix on the issue where the color of the Classic Wedding Gloves differs from the icon and the actual gloves when equipping them with a male character.

  • Fix on the issue where Help (?) links would overlap and cause crashes

  • Fix on the wrong end date of Duel Arena.

    • The correct end time for Duel Arena will be on a Sunday.

  • Fix on the issue where hiding the helmet doesn’t work abnormally after you stop auto-play.

  • Fix on the issue where the certain items' descriptive text cut off under its details in the Shop.