UPDATES Jun 8. 2021

Patch Notes 06/08/2021

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  • Mirkhan Tower

    • The 150-floor Mirkhan Tower is now available.

<Mirkhan Tower Details>

  • Enter through: [Menu] ▶ [Mirkhan Tower]

[Entry Conditions]

  • You can enter once your character reaches Lv. 80.

[Number of Entries]

  • You can enter 10 times per day. (Number of entries resets daily at 05:00)

  • The number of entries available decreases by one each time you enter, regardless of whether you clear it or not.

[Combat Information & Rules]

  • Mercenaries cannot be used at Mirkhan Tower. (Pets or Buddies can be used.)

  • Your level will be adjusted for Mirkhan Tower.

  • You do not lose XP when you die or fail to clear a floor.

  • If you die in combat, it will count as failing to clear the floor. This means that you cannot revive.

  • If the game closes abnormally, you can still enter the tower if you still have time remaining.


  • You can obtain Equipment/Accessory Specialization Packs, Option Stone Chests, Magic Quartz, Black Fragments, Lunariums, Sculpture Pots, Elemental Sculptures, or Crystals

[Reward Delivery]

  • When cleared, rewards will be delivered to your in-game mail.

  • A Mirkhan Tower Achievement is now available.

  • A new party dungeon, Twisted Abyss - Sewer Maze, is now available.

Novice Adventurers can now challenge the Twisted Sewer Maze dungeon. Create a party and challenge it to obtain Legendary equipment!

  • How to Enter

    • [Dungeon] ▶ [Twisted Abyss] ▶ [Twisted Sewer Maze]

  • Entry Conditions

    • You can enter if you are Lv. 40 or higher (Lv. 80 recommended), and if you have the Twisted Abyss Entry Ticket or if you have Available Free Entries.

  • Dungeon Info

    • Monsters in the Twisted Sewer Maze do not have any elemental attributes or elemental weaknesses, and 2 Venomous Basilisk boss monsters will appear.

  • Reward

    • Sewer Maze Treasure Chest

  • ⓘ The following can be obtained from the Sewer Maze Treasure Chest:

Equipment such as Transparent Cloak, Vampire Ring, Protection Cloak, and Heroic through Legendary grade equipment. There will also be elemental equipment and other rewards as well.

  • Raid: Tyrant's Ominous Temple is now available [Entry level: Lv. 129]


  • Anubis Raid Decorative Clothes will be added.

    • You can use the newly added crafting formula at the Sewing Crafting Table to craft Anubis Raid decorative clothes.

▼ Tyrant’s Decorative Clothes Crafting Info:

Decorative Clothes Crafting Info

Crafting Location

Sewing Crafting Table ▶ Decorative Clothes tab

Crafting Available Parts

Armor, Helmet, Gloves, Cloak

Main Materials

Yellow Dye, Anubis's Twisted Heart, Anubis's Weapon Fragment, Jewel Powder

Yellow Dye Drop Location

Tyrant's Temple / Tyrant's Ominous Temple 

Reward Chests 


Go to Seamstress Viola at Serraborg Castle to purchase 5 per day per account (1,000,000 Gold each)

▼ Tyrant’s Decorative Clothes Materials List

Materials List


Required Materials

Tyrant's Armor

Yellow Dye x50, Anubis's Twisted Heart x5, Anubis's Weapon Fragment x1, Jewel Powder x100

Tyrant's Crown

Yellow Dye x35, Anubis's Twisted Heart x5, Anubis's Weapon Fragment x1, Jewel Powder x85

Tyrant's Gloves

Yellow Dye x35, Anubis's Twisted Heart x5, Anubis's Weapon Fragment x1, Jewel Powder x85

Tyrant's Cloak

Yellow Dye x50, Anubis's Twisted Heart x5, Anubis's Weapon Fragment x1, Jewel Powder x100

  • 「5」Raid Decorative Clothes Set Effect Added

    • Special visual effects will be added when you equip a raid decorative clothes set (Helmet/Armor/Gloves/Cloak).

  • Guild Hideout has been added. 

    • Guild Hideout where all guild members can join has been added.

  • You can enjoy your time with other members at the Guild Hideout, and you can also expect to see Crafting Tables and various NPCs at the hideout. You can discover equipment which can only be crafted by Blacksmith Pang at the Guild Hideout, and you can also check out decorative clothes sold exclusively by Decorative Clothes Merchant Kieva. Also, enjoy some Rest XP benefits while you stay at the hideout together with your guild members. You can check out more details about the Guild Hideout and future update plans in the Guild Hideout available with next maintenance.

  • Currently, Guild Hideout content only has the Guild Storage NPC added.

    • All other contents you can enjoy in Guild Hideout including Guild Fishing and Guild Sculptures will be added with next maintenance.


Green Day Event will begin


  • Drop Period: June 8 after maintenance—June 21, 2021 *20:00 UTC *edited

  • Exchange Period: June 21, 2021 *20:00 UTC—June 27, 2021 *20:00 UTC *edited

  • Collect 'Green Leaves' while you defeat monsters in the field during the event period and exchange them for cool rewards including Clover costumes and Brilliant Versa's Grace! 

  • Click <Here> for details.

Celebratory Events! will begin

  • Moonlight Sculptor surpassed 1 million downloads! Please check out these celebratory events and don't miss out on all the rewards!

    • Special Log-In Gift!

    • 10-Day Attendance Rewards

    • Hot Time Event

    • First Purchase Event

    • First Purchase Bonus

    • Cumulative Purchase Bonus

  • Click <Here> for details.

Golden Bonanza Event Extension

  • Golden Bonanza Event period will be extended to June 27, 2021 *20:00 UTC to allow exchange for a longer period; no purchase of Golden Treasure Chests will be available during the extended period of the event.
  • Click <Here> for details.


  • You can still purchase the 'June Limited Pack' once per account until the end of June.

    • You can find it in the game under Shop > Package > Limited Time.

    • Click <Here> for package details.

  • New costumes including the Wedding Set will be newly added to the Shop.

    • Sale Period: June 8 after maintenance—June 22, 2021 

  • We have extended the sale period of Golden Treasure Chest Pack and Special Golden Treasure Chest Pack to June 22 before maintenance.

  • Please note the Arpen Guard Set sale ends June 8.


  • Fixed the issue where the Skill menu's "Check Weapons" and "Skill Upgrade Available" text overlapped.

  • Fixed the issue where the foggy area would not clear up in minimap when inside the Goblin Dungeon.

  • Fixed the issue where a notification text would not appear right away even when you don't have any items that can be specialized after completing Equipment Specialization.

    • When you do not have any items which can be Specialized, the following text will appear when you enter the Equipment Specialization screen: No items available to specialize.

    • After you use all items that can be used for Equipment Specialization, the following text will appear: No items available to specialize.

  • The icon which indicates that your goal is to defeat monsters will now disappear after you clear the quest.

  • Fixed the issue where the motion of the mailman opening the mail would show the bow detached from the hand.

    • When the mailman opens up the mail, equipment will now be momentarily hidden from view.

    • When the Archer uses Wind's Fury, the Archer's hand will no longer detach from the bow.

  • Fixed the issue where items within the Inventory would appear to be copied when losing connectivity while editing Homestead.

  • Fixed the issue where exclamation mark icons would appear on top of quest target monsters of the previous quests while you were progressing through a new quest which did not require defeating quest targets.

  • Skills obtained as rewards will now be equipped as auto-use skills by default.

  • Fixed the issue where the Auxiliary Bag's Fuse Option Stone button would have a Sculpture level limit (Lv. 80).

  • Fixed the issue where the game would crash for iOS when playing with the system language as Thai or Arabic.

  • Fixed the visual bug where it would look as if multiple pets or buddies were summoned when reconnecting after losing network connection.

  • Fixed the issue where the XP obtained would not be displayed in the results window for Sleep Mode.

  • Fixed the issue where the Special Summertime Shaved Ice was not dropping in Twisted Seth's Labyrinth.

  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the view did not move during the “Adventure's First Step” quest.

  • Fixed the issue where server status of Light/Busy/Heavy would not be applied realtime.

    • If you'd like to see an update on your server status, please go back out to the server selection screen to check the status and enter the game back in.

  • Fixed the issue where all following event chests would not grant Alchemist-specific items; now characters with Alchemist jobs can claim all the class-specific items.

    • Welcome Box

    • Heroic Armor Chest

    • Special Beginner's Package

    • Shadow Weapon Chest

    • Shadow Armor Chest

    • Rare Equipment Attendance Chest

  • The icon of Jahav's Secret Chest has been changed to the following image:

  • Fixed the issue where certain players could not progress after Durk's Call quest.

    • Workaround: Please set your device language settings to English and restart the game.

  • Fixed the crashing issue early on in the game at Serraborg castle.

  • Fixed Serraborg Castle to not allow more players to enter above the entry limit via parties or Avenge.

  • Broadcasting will now be applied to tier 1 Legendary equipment, instead of the existing tier 3 Legendary equipment.

  • Conditions to one of the missions under 'Life of Exploration' event has been changed as follows:

    •  Obtain Treasure Chest 50 times → Obtain Treasure Chest 3 times.

    • *Updated 6/21 Event period has also been extended to take into consideration of the low drop rate.

      • Before: Until June 22, 2021 20:00 UTC

      • After: Until June 30, 2021 20:00 UTC

  • Fixed the issue where the Sculpture Crafting Table by Sculptor Weed in the Southern Plains disappeared.

  • Fixed the issue where Ms. Onion appeared during the day when you move through zones.

  • Fixed the issue where the weapon was not shown during Paladin’s Protector's Will and Aura of Conviction use.

[Revisions to come] 

  • Guest accounts will not be able to view items in the Shop.

  • Graphical glitch for Alchemist of flask appearing on the arm and not on hand upon equipping flask for the first time will be fixed.

  • Pressing the help icon (?) on Raid UI will be fixed to bring up the Raid guide.