Actions taken against Bots and RMT

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Actions taken against Bots and RMT

Greetings Adventurers!

We here at Kakao Games highly value keeping Moonlight Sculptor an entertaining and fair experience for all of our users. It is for this reason that we take a very strict approach to any illegitimate third party activities, and we have decided to permanently ban any accounts participating in such activities.

What are bots?

A bot or hack is a third party program that allows you to play the game in an abnormal way, or which gives you advantages over other players which are normally not possible.
Of course, using the in-game “Auto-play” feature is completely normal and allowed, and will not result in any action taken against your account.

What is RMT?

RMT stands for Real Money Trading, and includes any form of deals where you are paying someone with real world currency for an in-game service, gold, item or account.

The only legitimate source for game transactions is through our in-game shop. We do not work together with other websites, groups or individuals.

Please keep in mind that if you see advertisements for purchasing something through a venue that is not our in-game shop, that these are illegitimate, often work through fraud or scams, and will result in a permanent suspension of your account.

Use of Multiple Accounts

We know that the vast majority of you want a fair and level playing field and we’re determined to help provide that for you within Moonlight Sculptor.  Unfortunately, we’re aware of certain methods to abuse the game’s economy using multiple accounts. We wish to reinforce that the use of multiple accounts to accumulate resources for the purpose of transferring them to another account is considered a violation of the terms of use and could lead to sanctions, including permanent closure on all associated accounts. For your account’s safety, we would strongly advise against using multiple accounts to transfer wealth to your main account.


You can find our full Terms of Service here for more information.