UPDATES Jun 23. 2021

Patch Notes 06/23/2021

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Patch Notes: June 23rd, 2021

With today's update we are introducing a brand new field raid boss Lich Shire that leads the Underlying Legion, new raids with fearsome Drekavac and Sea Serpent, and Guild Hideout for your guild to fully enjoy Moonlight Sculptor to the max!


  • Field Raid added.

    • Lich Shire appeared, full of ominous energy!

    • The field boss Lich Shire ignores the Safe zone under certain conditions, so watch out for those attacks.

    •  Lich Shire will appear on the field once you and the other adventurers join forces and defeat the Wraiths of Livias Mountain.

    • Once you defeat Lich Shire, even after you defeat the wraiths, he will appear again after he has recovered over a long period of time.

  • A new raid, Mountain Ghost Nightmare, will now be available.

    • The new raid, Mountain Ghost Nightmare, has been added.

    • Drekavac appears as the boss at Mountain Ghost Nightmare.

    • Be sure to check out the Element information to ease your way into the new raid.

  • Boss monster: Drekavac

  • Raid Element Info

    • Attack Element: Lightning

    • Elemental Weakness: Fire

  • Entry Level

    • Mountain Ghost Nightmare: Lv. 140

    • Mountain Ghost Deep Nightmare: Lv. 160

  • Clear Rewards

    • Mountain Ghost Nightmare: Drekavac's Chest

    • Mountain Ghost Deep Nightmare: Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

  • Unique equipment obtained from Drekavac's Chest/Enhanced Drekavac's Chest:

    • You can view the details of the chances from the [Chance Info] menu by tapping on the chest in the game.

Item Name



Special Option

Obtainable from

Red Night's Oath

Legendary (Unique)


DMG Increase to Raid Monsters +10%


DEF -5%

Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

Moros's Destruction

Legendary (Unique)


DMG Increase to Raid Monsters +10%


DEF -5%

Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

Chaotic Ring

Legendary (Unique)


DMG Increase to Raid Monsters +15%


DEF -10%

Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

Barbarian's Gloves

Legendary (Unique)


MAG DEF +105


Strength +5

Drekavac's Chest,


Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

Vampire Gloves

Legendary (Unique)


HP Drain +90

Drekavac's Chest,


Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

Crow Gloves

Legendary (Unique)


Item acquisition chance after enemy elimination +5%



Drekavac's Chest,


Enhanced Drekavac's Chest

  • A new raid, Sea Serpent Palace, will now be available.

    • A new raid taking place under water has been added.

    • You may have a hard time defeating Adisha if you do not have Ice elements.

  • Boss monster: Adisha

  • Entry Level

  • Sea Serpent Palace: Lv. 150

  • Sea Serpent Underground Palace: Lv. 175

  • Main Rewards 

    • Sea Serpent Palace: Adisha's Chest

    • Sea Serpent Underground Palace: Enhanced Adisha's Chest

  • The new party dungeon, Twisted Abyss - Twisted Hanging Gardens, will be added.

    • Twisted Hanging Gardens will now be accessible through Menu -> Dungeon -> Twisted Abyss

    • The entry level for Twisted Hanging Gardens is Lv. 100. You will need a Twisted Abyss Entry Ticket to enter, and a party of 4 is recommended.

  • Daily Dungeon with difficulty level 5 will be added. You can enter if you are Lv. 170 or higher.

  • Dungeon content, Abandoned Outpost where you can enter from Chaotic Entrance will be added.

  • Dungeon boss Chalcipe will be added.

  • New Guild content will now be available!

    • Check out new content such as Guild Fishing, Guild Housing, and Guild Sculptures!

    • You can enter Guild Dungeon with your guild level 5 or above.

    • Guild Hunting Grounds can be accessed from Lv. 70.

  • Please find the guide on Guild Hideout <Here>.

  • Guild War will now be available: Engage in a competitive war against another guild for up to 7 days!

    • You can battle against another guild without any PK penalties for up to 7 days.

    • Your PK points will not increase even when you kill an enemy guild member during the Guild War.

  • Basic level requirement for Mirkhan Tower has been adjusted:

    • Previously Lv. 80 > Now Lv. 60

    • Each level requirement of each floor on Mirkhan Tower also decreased by 20 levels. 

  • New stages in Chaotic Entrance have been added.

    • Abandoned Outpost

      • Easy: Lv.159 / Normal: Lv.170 / Hard: Lv.181

      • Acquirable Item: Tubalcain’s Weapon and Armor

    • Closed Mine

      • Easy: Lv.185 / Recommended: Lv.220

      • Normal: Lv. 199 / Recommended: Lv.214

      • Hard: Lv. 220 / Recommended: Lv. 235

You will see Golems in the Closed Mine.

The Dead's Mark will be applied which has a debuff effect such as Blackout, Decreases all RES, Resist HP, MP Drain and more.

Information of Closed Mine


Entry level / Recommended level

Entrance Ticket

Attack Element

Elemental Weakness


Lv.185 / Lv.220

Quality Chaotic Entrance Ticket


Fire, Poison




Lv. 199 / Lv.214 


Lv. 220 / Lv. 235

  • You can obtain Quality Chaotic Entrance by crafting 3 Chaotic Entrance Tickets on the Alchemy Crafting Table. 

‘The Dead's Mark’ Debuff (Closed Mine)

Dungeon Boss

- Blackout Debuff (Increases blackout depends on the difficulties)

- Decreases Healing on characters (Applied on the difficulty level of Normal or above)

- Decreases all RES of characters

- Increases elite monsters’ DMG Defense

- Decreases HP, MP Drain from monsters

- Resists HP, MP Drain against the boss monster

- Enables mage monsters’ MP Burn


Blackout Debuff can be removed as you use the food below.



Carrot Soup

Wisdom + 1 / Allows you to see 4 meters ahead in dark places.

Carrot Fries

Constitution + 5 / Allows you to see 4 meters ahead in dark places.

Thick Carrot Soup

Wisdom + 5 / Allows you to see 7 meters ahead in dark places.

Steamed Monkfish

Agility + 10 / Allows you to see 10 meters ahead in dark places.

  • Acquirable Item

    • Poison Mist Magic Quartz

    • Twilight Magic Quartz

    • Baldur Weapon/Armor

    • Acubens Weapon/Armor

    • Tubalcain’s Weapon/Armor

  • A guide for new adventurers has been updated with Trochet blessing <HERE>.

  • Broadcasting will not be applied to Heroic level loot.

  • Amount of collectible and number of players available to enter per particular area will be adjusted.


  • Check out all the new events prepared with June 23rd maintenance!

    • Guild Up! Event

    • Guild Attendance Rewards

    • Returning Adventurer Attendance Rewards

    • Mysterious Buddy Egg Bonanza

    • Jahav's Secret Chest Bonanza

      • Click <Here> for the event details.

  • Event Update

    • The period of exchanging event items (Green Leaves) for Green Day Event will be extended to June 27, 2021 20:00 UTC. The event items, Green Leaves, will be removed after the event, so please exchange them before the expiration date!

      • Click <Here> for details.

    • Moonlight Sculptor to the Max event will be extended until further notice.

      • Click <Here> for details.

  • Life of Exploration event has been extended:

    • Before: Until June 22, 2021 20:00 UTC

    • After: Until June 30, 2021 20:00 UTC


  • The following items have been newly added to Shop:

<Available after maintenance>

Summer Pack 

Contains the following:

  • 10 Quality Enchant Scroll Chests

  • 10 Superior Option Stone Chests

  • 10 Enchant Protectants

Summer Pack Deluxe 

Contains the following:

  • 10 Mysterious Buddy Eggs

  • 30 Enchant Protectants

  • 10 Grilled Grouper Heads

  • 5 Orange Lunariums

Premium Summer Pack

Contains the following:

  • 5 Solus Magic Quartz

  • 10 Heroic Loot Choice Chests

  • 5 Legendary Option Stone Chests

  • Heroic Loot Choice Chest

    • Enables you to choose Heroic loot for crafting and other uses.

    • Loot obtained from Event Loot Chests can't be traded.

Advanced Skill Growth Support Pack

Contains the following:

  • 3 Master Essence Choice Chests of each Job

  • 80 Advanced Skill Books

  • 10 Essence of Enlightenments

Element Stone Choice Chest x3

  • An Element Stone Choice Chest. You can choose 1 out of 4 Element Stones. 

Quality Sculpture Material Choice Chest

  • A chest containing 1 Quality Sculpture of your choice.

High Quality Sculpture Material Choice Chest

  • A chest containing 1 High Quality Sculpture of your choice.

Equipment Crafting Support Pack

Contains the following: 

  • Solus Magic Quartz

  • 5 Element Stone Choice Chests

  • 2 Heroic Loot Choice Chests

  • 5 Orange Lunariums

Job-switching Ticket

  • Changes your class.(Jobless excluded)

  • [Caution] This item changes your class once. 

  • Can't change to your current class. 

  • Can be used every 7 days.

  • Changing your class will reset your character stats to Stat Points.

  • Your current class skills will be replaced with the new class's, and their levels will be reset. (The Class Common skills will be retained.)

  • Your current Class-exclusive skill progression will be saved in case you want to return to this class later.

Please check the in-game shop for more items!

[New Costumes]

  • Bull Demon King Bundle 

  • Becky Nin Pirates Bundle 

  • Fashionable Blue Bucket Hat

  • Taco Tuesday Sombrero 

  • Ladybug Hat

  • Light Green Frog Bundle

  • Light Yellow Frog Bundle

  • Blue Frog Bundle

  • Frog Umbrella Decorative Weapon Chest

Please note that the purchase limit of all costumes will be removed.

<Available from July 1st>

July Limited Equipment Pack 

Contains the following:

  • 400 Red Butterflies

  • 5 Solus Magic Quartz

  • 15 Enchant Protectants

  • 5 Orange Lunariums

July Limited Buddy Pack

Contains the following:

  • 400 Red Butterflies

  • Rare Buddy Egg

  • 3 Quality Buddy Eggs

  • 5 Mysterious Buddy Eggs

  • Characters with Lv.40 or above will be available to purchase Mysterious Buddy Egg.


Brilliant XP Increase Elixir sale ends June 30, 2021 14:59 UTC. 


  • Guest accounts now will not be able to purchase Premium Sleep Mode items in the Shop.

  • Fixed the issue where graphical glitch for Alchemist of flask appeared on the arm and not on hand upon equipping flask for the first time.

  • Pressing the help icon (?) on Raid UI will now properly bring up the Raid guide.

  • Fixed the issue where certain players could not progress after Durk's Call quest if the device languages were set up in the language that the game did not support.

  • Fixed the issue where the following quest after "Strength Honed Through Polishing" under the Royal Pass could not be accepted. 

  • Fixed the issue where the reward can be claimed multiple times when integrating accounts. 

  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the teleport function while auto-hunting.

  • Fixed the issue where pressing on the Homestead button while attacking monsters would freeze the client intermittently.

  • Fixed the intermittent issue where Royal Pass rewards could not be claimed.

  • Fixed the issue where map items could be used in regions where they cannot be used in such as Tomb of Short Legs.

  • Fixed the client shutdown issue that occurred when equipping consumable items after using previous consumable items up in Sleep Mode.

  • Fixed the issue where "Preparing Communication" system message would appear and certain crafting contents could not be performed.

[Revisions to come] 

  • Fix on the issue where projectiles like Arrows and Flasks appear to remain in the equipment window even after they are consumed. 

  • Fix on the issue where unequipped arrows were consumed when defeating monsters with bare hands without using bow and arrow.

  • Fix on the issue where you couldn't go back out to character selection screen when not being in battle of Mirkhan Tower. 

  • Fix on the issue where you can only touch the middle part of the custom title creation window to create your custom title.

  • Fix on the issue where a system message stating reset would happen the next day would appear when entering the Task window. 

  • Fix on the issue where unsupported language appears when entering the Duel Arena. 

  • Fix on the issue where quantity owned may not appear for certain crafting materials when you have your game language setting to English.

  • Fix on the issue where the Donate Guild Coin button overlaps with the progress bar when crafting Guild Sculpture in Guild Hideout.

  • Fix on the issue where creating a new account with the "Sign in with Twitter" button on Android devices brings up javascript errors. To avoid Javascript errors, please create a Twitter account  on your Android device, via the Twitter app or the official twitter website, before linking your game account to your Twitter account by clicking on the "Sign in with Twitter" button in-game.

[Special Announcement]

  • We here at Kakao Games highly value keeping Moonlight Sculptor an entertaining and fair experience for all of our users. It is for this reason that we take a very strict approach to any illegitimate third party activities, and we have decided to permanently ban any accounts participating in such activities that breach our game's terms of service.

    • Click <HERE> for more information.